Q1. Can we pay amount in instalments?
Ans: No, full fees must be paid in advance.

Q2. How and when will I get the book and pendrive?
Ans: You will get the hard copy of the book at your place of residence, after payment within 5-6 working days. So make sure that while registering you are providing us the correct address with the correct PIN CODE. Working days exclude Sundays.

Please NOTE – In case, address is incomplete or incorrect then you will have to bear the cost of courier.

3. Can I watch in multiple systems or multiple phones?
Ans: No, ONLY System or Phone in which you will activate / install your lecture, in any case if you want to shift system need to pay extra 500 per subject.

4. How to ask doubts?
Ans: By whatsapp, Email and phone.

Format of doubt

Payment id
Course Subscribed
Date of Order
Contact Numbera
Your Issue/ Problem

5. Will we get refund?
Ans: The Fees once paid will not be refunded nor adjusted against the fees of other course or subject, nor adjusted against the fees of other student.

6. How many tiimes the videos can be watched?
Ans: Unlimited views

7.What does validity means?
Ans: Validity means your lecture will run only till the validity you select, not after that.